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Turn an Android smartphone into a Hacking machine

Turn an Android smartphone into a Hacking machine

With only a couple of steps, an Android-powered mobile device can be weaponized into a secret hacking gadget equipped for running hacking tools like Nmap, Nikto, and Netcat — all without rooting the android device.

This article will teach you the way you can run a hacking operating machine on your Android cellphone by using an application called UserLAnd. This app is developed by UserLAnd Technology Team to install and run Linux distributions on Android-powered mobile devices without rooting it. The app is available at the play store and is completely freeware.

UserLAnd, made by UserLAnd Technologies, is a fully free Android application that makes adding Linux distributions snappy and easy, without any rooting. With this, it is possible to run an ARM64 Debian operating system along with the recent Android OS. At times alluded to as “AARCH64,” this ARM structure is the same which is being used by the Kali Linux Raspberry Pi ARM images, which makes it very simple to import Kali’s repository tool. What’s more, most awesome aspect all, the UserLAnd group as of late added a dedicated filesystem for kali, so importing repositories may not be vital for all.

All of the created filesystems are without difficulty disposable. At the same time as many Kali tools operate without issues, UserLAnd is still a new mission and might purpose a few gears (like Nmap) to break or fail while executing commands. It is worth mentioning, those issues will likely be resolved in the near future.

How UserLAnd functions?

This utility makes use of custom executables that permit developing the Debian and Ubuntu filesystems. One of the examples is PRoot that is open-source software that mimics the functionalities like chroot. PRoot will permit us to run code with an alternative root directory. In UserLAnd, PRoot is running as a background process.

We’ll start weaponize your android into a Hacking Machine by following these steps by step guide by Only Hacker.

Hope you have already cleared what UserLand is and how does it works, so I won’t cross over something else in detail here. The essential thing is you set up it, and you could accomplish that using both Google Play or F-Droid

Open UserLAnd Application that you installed above step, and open the “Apps” tab. Refresh it and wait for couple of minutes for the distributions to be loaded. It will display the list of Linux Distros also with few famous Linux apps like GIMP and GNUPlot which are available to add/install in through UserLand App in your Android.

Select “Kali” then UserLAnd app will ask for a username, password, and VNC password. The “Password” will be used to allow access to the SSH server, which will be started when the filesystem is finished installing. The “VNC Password” will not be used in this process but is mandatory to proceed with the installation and can be used if you want to use and third-party VNC software.

UserLAnd will then download the important executables and scripts from its GitHub repository which are used to create the filesystems. The amount of time it consumes to download and extract the desired assets will vary. the process can take up to 20 based on the CPU processing power and internet speed.

When the installation is finished, just click on the sessions tab, and create a new session. Once it’s done, just click on that session and you will find your favorite Linux Terminal in front of you in your android device. And you are ready to rock with it 🙂

The main activity subsequent to introducing another working OS on your Android device is ensuring the OS is completely up to date. This should be possible by first utilizing “SU” to make a root shell. Then, utilize the apt-get update && apt-get dist-upgrade command.

[email protected]:~$ su
[email protected]:~# apt-get update && apt-get dist-upgrade

Now All set to start your new mobile kali machine. there is a lot that can be done using UserLand and kali Linux in it. you can hack websites, Wi-Fi passwords, and Windows OS, and many more. One thing that we need to aware that the UserLand also has limitations without root access, Wi-Fi interface of android device can’t be switched into monitor mode, so some Wi-Fi hacking tools like Aircrack-ng won’t work.

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