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Hack With Termux – Installation uses, and useful commands for beginners 2021


What is Termux ?

Termux is a Linux Terminal Emulator application for Android. A terminal emulator is a application that permits the user to get access to the command-line interface (CLI) in a graphical surroundings. This terminal emulator works directly with root and without root.

There are few Basic Command for Termux Emulator Application. If you already aware and used any Linux system and you know basic Linux OS commands you can very easily learn these Termux commands.

Why Termux ?

Now we recognize that Termux is a Linux Terminal Emulator. However why it is so well-known and sometimes also called a hacking system. Well, Termux is not a standalone hacking utility. As we mentioned, it’s software that takes commands and runs scripts. In a few Linux distributions like Kali Linux, Parrot Operating System, we discover loads of equipment to perform penetration testing. Maximum of them are CLI-based and run through the terminal. We can also deploy various other tools and run specific scripts made for Pentesting.

So on Android, obviously you get whole GUI surroundings. In which these gears won’t work without any command-line software. That is in which termux is used to put in such tool for your Android Platform. Our Android is based on a Linux kernel. That’s why Bash scripting can be used in it without any issue. for which Termux can connect to the file device to perform all most all Linux programs without problems. Which permits you to use the Linux command line to put in and run many scripts.

How to install and configure Termux ?

There is no complicated steps to install Termux on your android powered device. You can download it from Android Play Store or from F-Droid, Links given below –

Post successfully installation, Open the Termux application and run below command. and type “Y” and continue when it ask for. This will update the packages.

$ pkg update

After completion of above command type below command to upgrade the packages.

$ pkg upgrade

After successfully updating and upgrading, now you have to allow some permission to the application so that you do not have any problem later. To do this run below command

$ termux-setup-storage

Now you are all set to hack using your android device.

Termux Package Management

Termux provides APT and dpkg for installation and package management. Termux uses is similar most of the modern Linux distributions, especially Debian and Ubuntu based distributions. You won’t find the Filesystem Hierarchy Standard (FHS) that is the major difference. The Filesystem Hierarchy Standard is found in most of the Linux distros. So you won’t find some directories on the same place as they are in Linux distributions.

Below is the command that installs Termux packages which are not currently installed in termux and updates packages if it is installed previously.

$ pkg install <package Name>

Example: Below command installs nmap tool in Termux

$ pkg install nmap

Below command uninstalls Termux packages which are not already installed in termux.

$ pkg uninstall <package Name>

Example: Below command uninstalls nmap tool from Termux.

$ pkg uninstall nmap

If you need to reinstall the Termux applications to the equal variations as have been previously set up then you could use below command. The command will first uninstall and then redeploy the packages in Termux.

$ pkg reinstall <Package name>

Example: Below command will reinstall nmap

$ pkg reinstall nmap

below command used to show detailed information about a particular package.

$ pkg show <package name>

Example: Below command will show the details of nmap

$ pkg show nmap
$ pkg-list-installed
$ pkg list-all

Termux Useful Commands List –

With this very cool commands you will feel like a hacker, just try it and see the magic.

$ pkg install cmatrix

After that Type

$ cmatrix

$ pkg install sl

After that Type

$ Sl

Boomm!! A small Train will Start Running On Termux

$ pkg install libcaca

After that Type

$ cacafire

Now You your termux will show Fire Screen saver in your termux app

We have to install Toilet 🚽 in Termux.

$ pkg install toilet
$ toilet -f mono12 -F gay "YourName" 

End of the post 🙂

So these are the information on how you can use your android powered device to hack the world, There is many more way to hack using a android device with termux installed, Stay connected with us for more hacking technique using termux.



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