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Ethical Hacking – Footprinting and Reconnaissance


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Starting your career in Ethical hacking? Then you are in the right place to learn out of the box. In this blog, we will cover the very basic and the root or we can say the beginning of hacking. This process is called Footprinting and Reconnaissance.


What is Footprinting?

Footprinting is the first step of any hacking attack on a systems in which an attacker or Hacker collects information about a target network to identify various ways to intrude into the system.

There is no fixed methodology for footprinting, this can be done in a number of ways. However, the activity is important, as you need to collect all the crucial information about the target before going into the hacking phase.

For this reason, footprinting needs to be done in an organized manner. The information collected in this step helps in uncovering vulnerabilities existing in the target network and in identifying different methods of exploiting these vulnerabilities.

Types of Footprinting

  • Finding information through various search engines
  • Finding the Top-level Domains and sub-domains through web services
  • Collecting location information on the target through web services
  • Performing people search using social networking sites and people search services
  • Gathering financial information about the target through financial services
  • Gathering infrastructure details of the target organization through job sites
  • Collecting information through deep and dark web footprinting
  • Determining the operating systems in use by the target organization
  • Performing competitive intelligence
  • Monitoring the target using alert services
  • Gathering information using groups, forums, blogs, and NNTP Usenet newsgroups
  • Collecting information through social engineering on social networking sites
  • Extracting information about the target using Internet archives
  • Gathering information using business profile sites
  • Monitoring the website traffic of the target
  • Tracking the online reputation of the target
  • Querying published name servers of the target
  • Searching for digital files
  • Extracting metadata of published documents and files
  • Gathering information through email tracking
  • Gathering website information using web spidering and mirroring tools
  • Extracting website links and gathering wordlists from the target website
  • Performing social engineering
  • Performing traceroute analysis
  • Extracting DNS information
  • Harvesting email lists
  • Performing Whois lookup

Footprinting through Search Engines

Attackers or Hackers use search engines to collect information about a target, such as finding social accounts, platforms, employee details, login pages, and intranet portals, which help the attacker to perform social engineering attacks.

Major search engines:

Hackers can use advanced search techniques available with these search engines and create complex queries to collect specific and filtered information about the target.

Search engines are also used to find other sources of publically accessible information resources, e.g., you can type “top IT companies” to find major It companies that provide valuable information about the target organization.

This is basic of footprinting, Later posts we will also Learn some advanced technique to do footprinting, we will see below topic,

  1. Advanced Google Hacking Techniques
  2. Footprinting Through Web Services and Social Networking Sites
  3. Website Footprinting and Email Footprinting
  4. WHOIS, DNS, and Network Footprinting
  5. Footprinting Through Social Engineering

Soon you will get these posts on my blog, Stay connected. Fill the comment box if you have any doubts, definitely I will come to you. Thank you



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